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How Can I Cancel/Close My Account?

Account deactivation at S.R.U Bank is an administrative duty and the easiest way to deactivate your account is by sending an email to our administrative inbox at support@S.R.U live.com

Do i Gain Interest for My Savings Account?

When you fix your money on a deposit plan with us, it's an investment as it forms part of our liquid capital, and we'll duly reward you with attractive interest rates and privilleges

What Privilleges Do I Have as a Student?

At S.R.U Bank, our goal is helping every of our customers achieve financial prudence, and we do that in many ways; including eductaion support funds

Can I Use My Account Internationally?

Your S.R.U Bank account follows you where your dog can't! You own your account and you can access it anytime, anywhere for any legal activity.


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